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Save the world from an ancient force that is threatening with ending life as we know it in Devils & Demons
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When you make a fantasy game and you introduce strategy in it, you guarantee a horde of fans coming to your way, but of course not many games nailed the essence of a good strategy game like Devils & Demons does. This strategy game takes you straight to the lands of Desola, in which a terrible event has occurred and you’re the only one capable of stopping it.

Devils & Demons is a strategy RPG, in which you’ll have to control and direct a whole army of the order of light, a group of warriors that fight the forces of evil. These are times of peace so there hasn’t been a lot of fighting in the past 1000 years, but everything changes when the magic portal, that was once closed by three brave warriors, reopens.

Now your job is to control the current members of the order of light to fight all the Devils & Demons that are trying to extinguish all mankind. The gameplay is based on turns, but the flow it’s so good that it barely feels like an RPG in this aspect. Each one of your characters relies on different resources to perform actions like move, cast spells and melee attacks.

Each character comes with different abilities and power, but all of them need AP to move and attack and some of these attacks use mana to work, so make sure that you always have some mana with you to not be surprised.

If you have played RPGs before, you have to know that a good army relies on variety. Find yourself a tank, a wizard, a ranger and a healer and embrace this new adventure with Devils & Demons.