World of Warships

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Helm your very own deadly warship in this highly-competitive PvP game, World of Warships! Play Now World of Warships large

World of Warships is the most realistic yet virtual naval warfare simulation game that's incredibly fun to play! The controls and the ship you use may take quite some time to get used to and the strategies that you can learn will take up some trial-and-error time as well. The game mechanics seem to be working fine so if you expect driving a ship would be very much like driving a car... well, you’ll be greatly disappointed.

The game also provides 2 game modes for you to enjoy, namely hardcore PvP as well as the less stressful Co-op mode. Players are even given plenty of options to customize their warships and their commanders to their playing style. Use a variety of strategies and tactical maneuvers to execute ambushes and cunning flanking attacks, and reassert your claim as being the master of naval warfare today!