Connect Words

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Enjoy puzzle word games that test your wit and senses in order to find everything on your list. Play Now Connect Words large

Come have some fun and put on your thinking cap as you try and find the words in the jumbled-up table of letters in Connect Words. Take on the challenge of completing the numerous categories of difficulty from the easiest to the hardest of levels.

The mechanics of Connect Words are simple as well as its user interface. To beat the game you need to completely discover the words listed on the top part of the screen. On the top left of it is the summary of how many you have found and the number of those you are still to find. Your score is shown on the upper right side. You get gold bars as a reward for clearing a level and they will be added to your starting amount seen at the bottom right of the screen. The highest rating is three stars and your reward depends on it.

Connecting the words is easy with just a simple tap and drag movement. Begin at the first letter of the word you are trying to solve and you link it to the others until you complete it. You can join them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally but you can’t repeat or overlap the ones you have already passed. Also, it is okay to do it in a way that it would read backward as long as it is spelled correctly, and sometimes if a word has got you stumped, then you can use the Hint feature. You can tap on the lightbulb icon and your chosen word will be revealed to you.

In short, Connect Words is an awesome game that tests your vocabulary and your keen senses. It is great to share the fun with family and friends and have them help you out with the hard puzzles. So try it out now and see if you can connect them all.