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Be the restaurateur of your dreams and serve your customers in Cooking Diary!
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Whether you’re a food lover or a restaurateur, you can put your time management skills to the test with Cooking Diary. In this game, you are the sole heir of your famous grandfather chef’s restaurant. It’s your job to elevate not only the food but also customer service. This way, you’ll get more tips and money. You can then use the funds to make your restaurant better.

You can also use the funds to upgrade your restaurant’s menu or décor. The game will give you some recommendations, although you’re free to choose your preferred upgrade. You also have the option to speed up the delivery of these goods by using gems or diamonds. You'll need them to purchase some big-ticket items too.

All in all, Cooking Diary is a cute and enjoyable time management game. It gives you a pretty good idea what it entails to run a restaurant and make it popular.