Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami thumb
Get on the fun side of a Zombie apocalypse and turn all the humans into members of your horde of undead walkers. Play Now Zombie Tsunami large

Zombie Tsunami is a never-ending runner, in which you have to control a mass of zombies as they stumble across the city gathering more fellows. The whole mechanic of the game is based on making a huge crowd of zombies, but you’ll have to keep at least one zombie running, if you want to keep playing.

Zombie Tsunami is currently available for all mobile devices, since you can play it for IOS, Android and Windows mobile. Its playability is a little different from the classic runner games, because this time you get to move your zombies on a side-scrolling motion.

You’ll start with one zombie, but you’ll be enlisting more participants in your army of walking corpses as you bite the humans that you found in the way. The idea is to gather as many zombies as you can, since this will let you overturn cars, planes and even tanks transforming the humans inside these vehicles.

If you find a power up, you can turn your team of Zombies into different things like Ninjas, Football players, a giant zombie that shoots lasers, and even a huge tsunami that drags everything on the screen with you. Be aware of the big holes, the moving vehicles and the giant threatening bombs, because these will kill your zombies again and this time for good.

Zombie Tsunami is a game that’s easy to pick up and hard to drop away, because it is so addictive and funny that you can play for hours without realizing it. We love the changing backgrounds and the SFX, as these show that Zombie Tsunami is a well-polished game that deserves your attention, time and especially your brains.