Wordplay: Exercise your brain

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Give your mind a workout with these fun and engaging wordplay puzzles. Play Now Wordplay: Exercise your brain large

Relax and have fun while exercising your brain with challenging wordplay games. Enjoy the vibrant and beautiful background images set to help soothe your troubles away. The rules and interface of Wordplay: Exercise your brain are simple and easy to master. Each chapter is represented by a new background which sets the theme on its succeeding levels. The elements of the game are the jumbled letters in a circle on the right-hand side, crossword puzzle at the left, bonuses, and other features at the bottom of the screen. Your stage progression is then be shown after you clear the current one. If you fill-up the bar, a new one is put into place.

Your goal is to answer the crossword puzzle by making words using the jumbled letters in the circle. You need to connect one onto another by tapping on the starting letter and dragging your finger to the next and releasing it after you linked it to the final one. The shortest word you can create is made up of three letters and the longest you can get needs to use everything in the circle. When you correctly guess an answer, it automatically places itself in to the puzzle. Any correct word you create that is not it, is transferred into the Star icon for the bonus words. When you fill it up, you then are given a star that you can use to buy power-ups.

There are numerous features to help you solve the puzzle. From the left you have unlimited Shuffles then the Magic Wand reveals letters and leaves stars to collect. The Wiktionary is next which gives you the meaning of the hidden word and the other two uncovers a letter for you randomly or to your choosing.

In short, if you are looking for a great game to test your vocabulary and make you think then check out Wordplay: Exercise your brain. Have fun and enjoy it with friends and family. So try it out now - you won’t regret it.