Word Teaser - Challenging Word Game

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Word Teaser - Challenging Word Game is an innovative take on word hunt game mechanics. Play Now Word Teaser - Challenging Word Game large

Word Teaser - Challenging Word Game is a word hunt title that balances ease of play and challenge difficulty.

Playing the game is easy. Stages are 5x5 grids where you are tasked to find a specific word within a minute. Word searches are not restricted to lines or strings. You can link letters in almost any fashion for as long as you can chain the letters. The game gives you hints on whether you got the word or not in a few ways. Letters are color-coded after your first attempt at word-forming. Red-highlighted fonts mean the secret word does not make use of those letters. Yellow-colored letters mean the letter is included, but you need to figure out where it should be placed. The correct letter and placement are highlighted in green. Speed in accurately guessing the right word is the name of the game here. Your prowess is measured based on how fast you answer the puzzles using the least attempts.

There are 3 game modes to choose from. Solo is your typical gauntlet of random levels generated. The Categories mode will test your ability to find words based on a specific subject of interest. Multiplayer is divided into two sub-modes. Quick Match pits you in word-finding content against a random online stranger. You can challenge any of your online buddies through Play With Friend mode. All you need is the same playroom code, and you can start building your rivalry.

Some stages can be more difficult than others. In case you can’t figure out the word needed to get past, the game allows the use of up to 4 power-ups to make things easier. From highlighting the letters needed to solve a level to automatically inputting the right word, you can take advantage of them to speed up your progression. If you need more power-ups, you either watch an ad to get a random booster for free, or purchase some from the in-game shop.

To conclude, Word Teaser – Challenging Word Game is a fast and fun test of your vocabulary.