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Help the adorable penguins restore life and give your kids an amazing learning experience in this delightful game. Play Now Word Search large

Word Search is a fascinating word puzzle game that’s been designed for kids who can not only have a good time playing this game but can also learn tons of new words by using their skillset. The game doesn’t attempt to bring anything innovative into the mix but, instead, tries to make things as simple as it can to make sure players don’t get confused while enjoying this exceptional game. There’s even a short tutorial at the start for players who want to learn a bit so if you’re a newcomer as well, this tutorial is designed just for you.

On to the gameplay itself, Word Search offers immersive gameplay that similar to crossword puzzle games and traditional word-finding games as it blends the formula of both into a single game. This is a level-based game and in each level, you’ll be given a random assortment of tons of letters along with a list of words on the left side of the screen. While observing these words, you’ll have to look for them in the random assortment of words like you do in a crossword puzzle ad upon finding all the words, you’ll be progressing on to the next level. The game comes with hundreds of amazingly designed levels and none of them would make you feel as if the game is repetitive.

There are other features in the game as well like the hint button that lets you take assistance from the computer so if you ever get stuck or need some help, use this feature. You can also play the timed-mode in which you’ll have to complete the challenge before the time runs out. The visuals of the game are absolutely amazing thanks to the stunning artwork along with fluid animations that make the gameplay much more enjoyable.

All in all, Word Search is a splendid word game that checks all the boxes and will certainly keep you glued to the screen so you should try this game.