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Become a master at baking and puzzles with this great word game find all the words hidden in these delicious cookies.
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Word Cookies is a really fun puzzle game, since you have to use your intelligence and your good sight to find all the letter combinations possible. If you like cooking and you are also looking for something interesting to do while you’re in line or bored at your place, Word Cookies is the best solution for you.

Finding letter combinations to form words is a very popular style of puzzles, since many mobile apps have been using this gameplay to create games. But we have never seen such an adorable setup like the one used on Word Cookies, since they take the word puzzle style and mix it with a cute theme of cookies.

The game consists of using different types of letter-shaped cookies such as oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, vanilla cookies and more, to create words. To make the word the only thing that you have to do is connect the letters in the right order, since every stage is cleared when you make the right amount of combinations.

This game is more about having a nice time than stressing you out, since there is no timer and you can take as much as you want to create the words. If you win, you earn baking points to clear the upcoming levels. If you’re stuck, you can always use your baking points to obtain a hint on the missing words.

We really enjoy playing a few levels of Word Cookies, since it’s one of those games that we can have in our phones to kill time every once in a while. Even though we’re not very talented at these kinds of games, it was enjoyable for us. That means that even kids could play it and have a nice time learning.