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Have fun and enjoy numerous levels of word-connect puzzles for you to solve.
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Test your wit and vocabulary in Word Connect Fun! Have a go on these puzzles and tackle levels of different difficulty. This is a great game to test yourself and also learn some new words. It can be easily be shared with friends and family via your Microsoft account so they too can enjoy the challenges it offers. There are four modes you can play and you can change them at the start menu. You got English with rare words, with very rare words excluded, EspaƱol, and English Scrabble Bingo Words (7-letters) Hard. Each of these modes has its own set of levels and stages that you can indulge in.

You can easily master the controls of Word Connect Fun! since its interface and mechanics are pretty simple. With each game, the board is set up so that you get the letters you need to connect at the right, and the words you have to discover are at the left. You can shuffle the letters by tapping the icon at the top right and also ask for a hint at the bottom part of it. Each click costs gems and will provide a letter to an unanswered word in the table. If you can create a valid one that is not part of the puzzle, it goes straight to the Extra Word tab which then gives out free gems for you to use. To create a word you simply need to tap on the first letter that you want to use and drag your finger to the next and so on until you end up on the last one and then you can release your hold. If the word is valid it will either go to the answer board or the extra word tab.

In short, Word Connect Fun! is a great game to give your brain some exercise. Ready up your vocabulary and have fun solving the puzzles. Check it out now!