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Protect your country from the war and raise your flag above the rest using strategy and some really big guns with this immersive MMO game.
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Some say that war is like hell, but when the entire planet is at war only the most ferocious commanders will ensure the safety of their countries. War Planet Online is an MMO real strategy game, in which you’ll have to outsmart your enemies in order to survive and conquer. Create your own solid fortress, since you’ll want to protect your people; then gather all kinds of modern armaments to send your troops to the battlefield.

War Planet Online it’s a title designed for those gamers that enjoy real time strategy games, in which every decision you make before and during the battle is vital to your survival. The main objective is to coordinate deadly attacks to some strategic points, since this is the only way to expand your territory and gather more resources to become a powerful adversary.

The social factor of War Planet Online it’s amazing, as you can communicate with any member of this community through the chat to plan your strategies. Now, if you’re just starting, we recommend you to work firstly on your base and try to make alliances, since that way you’ll have better chances to survive against bigger enemies.

We really adore the realistic gameplay of War Planet Online, since you’ll move around a real global map taking on important spots like Washington, Tokyo, London and more. If you want to be the best warlord, remember to keep a balanced army with enough air units, tanks, troops and artillery guns. You can even enjoy from your self-crafted guns and the newest gear of war that comes in every update.

At strong times, only the strongest will survive; are you ready to be the greatest commander that war has ever seen? So go ahead and download War Planet Online right now.