Traffic Racer Most Wanted

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Feel the wind in your face as you immerse yourself in this endless running adventure behind the wheel of some of the fastest cars ever.
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Don’t you think that there’s something missing about runners? But you can’t actually say what it is, well after playing Traffic Racer we have the answer for you and it’s the need for speed. If you wish to actually train your reflexes, put the pedal to the metal with this stunning endless racing game.

Traffic Racer is like a revolution for endless arcade racing games, since the action of going at so many kilometers per hour while you dodge the buses, cars and SUVs it doesn’t compare to anything that you have ever played before in this genre.

Although the game is not too much about the races, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to satisfy the competitiveness inside you, because you can measure up your scores with other players across the world by getting yourself on the online leaderboards. The controls are really simple, but the skills you require to be the best take practice and patience.

We have to say that if you’re a speed fanatic, this game is made for you, since it offers rewards for actually driving faster than you should so forget about the brake pedal and just hit the gas. If you pass other cars really close you get bonus points and if you drive in the opposite direction in the two-way mode, you’ll earn extra cash.

Traffic Racer is designed to make you a bold racer and makes you take risks, since every risky action is rewarded and this is one of the main reasons that made us fall in love with this game; we totally recommend it for all of you and remember that only one can be the best Traffic Racer.