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Grow crops and prosper your land to build your own town from scratch, you can even Invite your friends to help you flourish in this exciting city builder. Play Now Township large

From the developers at Playtrix, Township is a revolutionary city builder game that sets itself apart from others of the same genre on Facebook or on other platforms. In this game, you'll get to plant and grow a variety of crops and turn them into much more valuable processed goods to sell more a higher profit.

The social aspect of the game is integrated into the gameplay more so than any other city-builders. Every player in Township is given a factory that produces a vital resource for building structures. To get other resources that isn’t openly available in the game, players are required to trade with other players or friends who have a different type of factory or to buy the resources with real money.

Township also offers a solid game experience in terms of advancement, well thought out quests, and satisfying visuals. With the town totally within your hands, it’s up to you what it will look like, what establishments it will have and how happy your people will be.So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the opportunity to be the boss of your own town or city, grab a friend and start playing Township today.