Touchdown Hero: New Season

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Avoid all the tacklers that come your way and bring glory to your team with this addictive game. Play Now Touchdown Hero: New Season large

Touchdown Hero: New Season is a runner with an American football theme, in which you try to become the ultimate touchdown hero avoiding all the tacklers you can. You’ll need all of your feline reflexes, since the rivals are not going easy on you. Use the power-ups like the slow-motion feature, the push or the spin, if you want to survive in this field.

Touchdown Hero: New Season is a sport runner, in which you play as quarterback running to reach endless end zones, but of course the defense of the rival team is going to try to stop you. If you want to become a touchdown hero, you’ll have to avoid the defense by moving your character through the gaps and open spaces. If you don’t find an exit, use your power-ups to spin and make a great dodge or to push and take the rivals out of your way.

Even though the gameplay is very simple, that is the main reason for this game to be so appealing. If you combine that easy playability with some pixelated graphics and great music, you’ll have a winning combination. The more you play, the more coins you win; use these coins to buy new uniforms, customizations and teams for your game.

Although the game at first sight doesn’t look too much like a challenge, it only takes a few turns to make you realize that reaching the highest scores is a task made for true touchdown heroes. You can compare your progress with the rest of the world, as you position in the world leaderboards.

If there’s anything that we love more than anything in games, is that retro style combined with the addictive gameplay that Touchdown Hero: New Season offers perfectly. We totally recommend you to give this game a chance right now.