Time Crimes

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Stop the forces of evil that are changing the past for their wicked intentions with the help of your loyal crew of investigators.
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History as we know it might be in danger, because a dangerous criminal is starting to steal some of the rarest ancient artifacts of the world, but not everything is lost, because you and your team of expert investigators are on the case and with the help of your time machine, you’re ready to stop the bad guys and save time.

Hidden Objects: Time Crimes is everything that we expect from a game in the hidden objects genre, since it is more than just a bunch of rooms full of stuff and repetitive missions. Although the overall scene might look a little bit cliché, this game offers the gamer an immersive story with a complicated plot and great characters.

If you wish to engage in a really fun and addictive game, you have to try “Hidden Objects: Time Crimes”, as you’ll be pleased with all the chapters of this captivating story. But everything is not just about finding hidden objects, because you can also try all the minigames in your path like the night mode, the mirror mode, the find the difference mode and many more.

Unless you are a fan of solo mode, you would enjoy taking the challenge to your friends, as you can compete with them for the highest scores. Hidden Objects: Time Crimes has something for every lover of puzzle games. Since you don’t need an internet connection to play this game, you can help the detective and his friends to solve all the cases and collect rare items for your lab.

Hidden Objects: Time Crimes is the adventure that you have been waiting for, since this game is really well developed and it’s really easy to enjoy the interesting plot, don’t lose your chance and download it right now.