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Enjoy fascinating adventures as you discover all of the hidden objects that The Paranormal Society hides
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Malicious ghosts have taken over London, but the Big Ben’s land is protected, as the private organization known as “The Paranormal Society” is on the case. Play as the newest member of the society and involve on some really enigmatic missions, in which you’ll have to excel your investigator abilities, since you have to look around different scenarios to find the hidden objects and solve the puzzles.

Since the Ghostbusters weren’t around Victorian London, people had to rely on another team to disappear the malevolent specters and that was The Paranormal Society. While the regular population remains skeptical about ghosts, you decide to join the Paranormal Society to get some answers after you saw your husband spirit leave his body and join other spirits.

The game mechanics rely on finding hidden objects in a large room, as they allow you to eliminate the wicked presences that are hunting the place. You can use your special tools to help you find the objects that you need, since some of them are really hard to find. Although a considerable amount of aspects of the game are impossible to achieve without in-game purchases, the basic free content is really fun and the daily rewards are enough to spend a good time.

This adventure/puzzler is perfect for the gamers that love collecting items and solving different quests, as you get a total of 44 ghosts to defeat and lots of collections to assemble.

If you want to give your spare time a really good use, who are you going to call? That’s right, The Paranormal Society. Go ahead and download it right now, we guarantee it is worth it.