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Challenge your mind with these puzzling brain teasers, try to defeat the world records, and get on the leaderboards in The Big Sudoku
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Sudoku is an ancient Japanese game famous worldwide for the challenge that represents and the fun experience of using all your focus to achieve success. If you consider yourself good at this board game or you want to learn the basics to become a pro, The Big Sudoku it’s the next game that you should download for your computer.

If you have never played sudoku before, The Big Sudoku is a great title to begin with, since this specific game offers clear instructions for different types of sudoku, number hints and different levels of difficulty. You have the classic 9x9 sudoku, in which you have to fill all the individual spaces with a number from1 to 9 without repeating them in the same horizontal or vertical row.

You can also play a bigger version of this game called The Big Sudoku 16x16 in which you’ll have to use letters from A to F to complete the game, but of course this is a mode for advanced players only. Finally you also have the Samurai Sudoku, in which you’ll have 5 different classic 9x9 sudoku connected between them like a samurai star.

Each one of these levels offer hints and a few examples for each difficulty; the classic Sudoku 9x9 even offers an extra hard difficulty called “diabolical” only for the more experienced and dedicated players of this board game. If you are good enough, your name will appear on the global leaderboards; each game has a timer so make sure to hurry up and finish them quickly.

Even though The Big Sudoku doesn’t offer a super attractive interface or even sound, it focuses on what’s important Sudoku and that’s all we need from games like these so we totally recommend it for all the dedicated players out there.