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Choose between 3 factions and head over to the battlefield to engage various enemy tanks in Tank Force!
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Armored warfare at its best, Tank Force lets you engage enemy tanks on 3D battlefields with realistic combat. For those who love tank games and still have dreams of fighting in one just in case WW3 eventually breaks out, well...here's your chance to get the feel in front of the screen.

To start, you'll have 3 available Tank options which are Light, Medium and Heavy. However, at the start you are only given a basic armored combat vehicle like the Soviet-made BMP-1, a Hybrid Amphibian Tank-Armored Personal Carrier which was first used in the 1960's and still very much in use today. You also have your upgrade options, purchase another Tank, the store for micro-transactions and if you would like to chat with other online players, you can.

Once you proceed to battle, the server will search for other players and display the number of tanks currently present in the map based on tank class; Heavy, Medium or Light. The fight will start and the fun begins. The game is intense sheer combat as there are around 30 different vehicles to encounter and each tank you choose has it's own pros and cons in battle.

Overall, if you’ve played World of Tanks or any of the Tanki games, chances are you'll feel at home with this game. Definitely a must-play for fans of realistic tank combat!