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Feel the emotion of playing sudoku like you have never before in Sudoku Epic
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Sudoku Epic is truly an epic game, since you can play many different styles of sudoku in just one good-looking title. If you are a skilled player that wants a challenge, you’ll surely love this game, but if you are just a newcomer that wants to learn the rules and practice, well Sudoku Epic also has a special place for you with clear instructions and easy levels to start playing.

Sudoku Epic is a compilation of multiple ways to play this old Japanese game; if you’re a fan of these titles, we are certain that you already know the rules, but let us explain it real quick for all those who don’t. Sudoku is a board game, in which you have to complete the empty spaces from your card with numbers and sometimes letters, but you have to put these numbers making sure that they don’t repeat in the same 3x3 box or in the same vertical and horizontal row.

If you already master the classic Sudoku, you could try changing the difficulty level to something more challenging for you or you can try switching the style. Sudoku Epic offers interesting game modes like the “Wordoku”, in which you’ll have to use letters instead of numbers and complete a hidden word on the largest diagonal row.

Another fascinating way to enjoy these puzzles is the “Killer Sudoku”, in which you’ll have to abide by the regular sudoku rules, but this time you’ll be working with different cages with only one number in them. The secret of these cages is that the number on them it’s the result of the addition of the numbers inside and it’s your job to figure out which ones are these numbers.

Sudoku Epic is an amazing experience with a lot to offer with great aesthetics and lots of tools to make the game more comfortable for the player so go ahead and try it right now.