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Hop on your ship and get ready to save the galaxy from alien invaders.
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Hop on your ship and get ready to save the galaxy from alien invaders.

Have fun and enjoy a futuristic spaceship arcade shooting game that lets you battle it out with an alien armada and their big boss vessels. Get to choose from over twenty unique ship designs with their skills and upgrades. Space shooter lets you play on four different worlds each having multiple levels.

Commanding your spaceship is easy as you only need to tap on your spacecraft and move your finger in the direction that you want it to go. It automatically shoots the enemies and there is no need to tap into anything to get it to fire. The bombs, on the other hand, are launched manually and the button is at the bottom lefthand corner. These are special ammunition and are limited in use, however, when activated they will destroy all enemies on the screen along with the bullets they fired. If you ever get eliminated by either getting shot or hitting an enemy vessel head-on, then you can watch an ad pay coins to continue. You can do this a maximum of six times per run.

You will be able to see the vast array of designs of vessels available in Space Shooter in the Ship section. In there you buy, upgrade, evolve and merge your ride. You can spend coins, red gems, and stars to get them. There are also those available only through events, watching a series of ads, or in-app purchases. Tapping on the Mini-ship tab will get you to a selection of add-ons that can support you on your missions with backup Gatling gun fires, missiles, or lasers. You can also get them the same way you got your spaceships. The Equipment page allows you to unlock up to six slots for your items and you can open them using gems.

To sum it all up, Space Shooter is a great game for arcade shooting games for everyone. With the combination of awesome stage battles, boss fights, and a wide variety of spaceships, it is a must-try. So time to take command and save the galaxy!