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Play as the ultimate sniper in this mission-based shooting game, Sniper Fury!
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Sniper Fury wastes no time in bringing players to the frantic missions as the game quickly launches you towards your sniping duties. The primary objective of the game is to eliminate the target/s briefed to you prior to engaging onto the mission on each level. The game takes you through 130 thrilling missions where you'll get to showcase your sniping skills and take those clean shots. At the start, you will be granted with a basic sniper rifle but you can purchase other guns as you reach certain thresholds in the game. There are also plenty of components that you can gather through the levels to upgrade your military arsenal.

Overall, Sniper Fury is a light, fast in fast out game that anyone can easily play with. The game being simple and having equally simple mechanics make this a rather competent addition to the lot of FPS games in your arsenal. Along with great social features added into the game, there is little reason to skip out on the title.