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Play fun puzzle games and search for everything word on the list.
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Test your skills on looking for the words in the table in Simple Word Search. Strengthen your visual senses and try to clear he list you have per stage. You can easily learn how to play it since it features quite a user-friendly experience. There are only a few elements in the game with the scrambled letters in the right-center and the list of words at the left. You can also find the extra hidden one at the bottom left corner of the screen. The lightbulb icon at the upper lefthand side is for Hints and you can only avail them if you watch an ad.

You need to mark the letters from their starting letter to their last when you create a word. To do so, just tap on the first one and then drag your finger to the path going to its end. You can make combinations horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and you can also spell them backward.

You can obtain yourself a letter for the collection if you get enough EXP after you clear a stage. You can get bonus points when you find the secret word, and finish in under ten minutes. The clock is found below the hidden word and beside it is the indicator of how many are left for you to search. Every letter found is a step nearer to completing the alphabet. There is a unique design to each of them which symbolizes the a word like a zebra look for the letter Z.

To sum it all up, if you are looking for fun puzzles then Simple Word Search is the one for you. It can be played at a fast pace to be ahead of the clock or laid back in a relaxed and calm manner. What matters is that you enjoy the game. So try it out now and see if you can search them all.