Sheriff of Mahjong

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Restore an entire western town using only your awesome skills at mahjong and help the sheriff bring order to this wrecked place.
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It looks like the sheriff Joy Reed is in serious trouble because her town is now dismantled and apparently there’s no one that she can trust with the mission to repair it, but luckily you arrived in town just in time to help her. If you want to help save this town and become the best cowboy in there, you’ll have to solve a series of mahjong puzzles to gather resources and money.

Sheriff of Mahjong is like combining the old board game of mahjong with a Clint Eastwood western movie, since you’ll have to play mahjong like always, but all the theme and the tiles are based on a wild west adventure with cowboys, bandits, horses, taverns and more. This surely adds a little bit of diversity to these games because you are always used to finding mahjong games with eastern themes.

This game consists of solving mahjong puzzles, but that’s not it, since every time you win you’ll gain money and resources that you can later use to restore the town and have some new places to play and find more and more items. Some items that you win during games are power ups like the miner’s lantern that will give you hints, the dynamite that will eliminate multiple matching tiles at once, the freeze button that will stop the combo bar, etc.

If you play fast and match different tiles in little time, the combo bar will give you more resources which is what you need to upgrade your game and the town. Some of the items that you find are collectibles and these will give you other kinds of possibilities inside the game like building important objects for the village.

Sheriff of Mahjong is surely one interesting title with a lot of awesome features that we are sure that the lovers of these games will completely love, so why don’t you try it our right now?