Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense

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Raid your way to your enemies’ castles with the mightiest cartoon army that the kingdom has ever seen.
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Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense is an RPG game filled with action, in which your job is to create the best fortress and raid other castles leading an army of strong warriors. Invade the territories of thousands of players around the world, if you want to level up and pick up some loot to upgrade your home and demonstrate that your realm is the strongest.

You’re now the adorable warrior king of a growing kingdom, but you’ll need resources and money to prevent other players from raiding your home whenever they want. Since the enemies are always lurking, you’ll have to act fast and make your castle an unbreakable citadel. You’ll also want to invest some cash in your army and in yourself, since you and your fighters are the ones in charge to assault the other thrones.

Prepare a well-balanced army to go get into the battlefield; as the great leader you are, you will be directing the attack in real time so you’ll need to upgrade the attacks, weapons and armors of your king, but don’t forget to have strong fighters at your back too to make the perfect raid. A match is considered a victory, if you take down the doors of your enemy’s castle.

Even though Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense is an RPG, is not based in turns so you can choose when you think is the right time to attack. Prepare an ambush, do a strong frontal attack, focus on the towers or create any strategy that you think it fits the most.

Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense is definitely a fun game to play for weeks or even months, since it feels really good to see your empire grow, but don’t just read us, go ahead and test it for yourself.