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Explore a humongous world full of unbelievable structures made of bricks in this sandbox-based, Minecraft-like game! Play Now PlanetCraft large

PlanetCraft is a Minecraft-based sandbox game featuring huge sandbox worlds where you can build just about everything from from scratch using blocks that you can gather from the world itself. The game contains a huge variety of blocks and they look and work in different ways too. The game is also hardcore in the sense that if you fall from a great height, you'll die and lose whatever you have in your inventory. This is made even more difficult considering that you move pretty quickly in this game, so thankfully, the developers added a "Sneak mode" so you can slow down your movement speed, especially in places where you might slip and fall.

Like Minecraft, there is a wide variety of items that you can craft using the blocks you've collected. They range from essential items like torches to weapons and tools. You can even craft workbenches which will then unlock a whole new array of crafting recipes for you to use.

Planetcraft is a social game and as such, offers players the chance to play with friends via multiplayer mode. But if you prefer to play solo, there's single mode for you as well. At least in single player mode, you won't have to worry about having someone else destroy something you've painstakingly built but the downside is that you work with your friends to build something together.