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Become the best parchis player of the world with this classic board game digitalized and now in a comfortable 3D game for your pc.
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Parchis HD 2 is the virtual and high resolution version of the classic board game, Ludo; if you like this old game and you want to enjoy a fun afternoon of games with your friends, family or even people on the internet, just download Parchis HD 2 and enjoy the multiple game modes that this title has to offer. Select your favorite color and use strategy and luck to defeat your rivals.

The first thing we noticed about Parchis HD 2 was its graphics, since they’re really high quality and the animations are pretty great too. Each time that you throw the dice they bounce in the screen and you have the option to use one or two dice; this is actually great, since you can choose a dice for each token of yours.

If you want to play with your family and friends, you can change the settings for including up to 5 other human or CPU players with you. Parchis HD 2 offers a 4 player mode and a 6 player mode, but you can always select CPU players to fill the missing spaces or simply eliminate them. Remember to always be aware of where you are and whom you can kill, since the game will reward your kills with 20 free movements.

If you just want a casual game, you can change the difficulty and select from easy, medium or hard, but if you’re bored of playing the computer, you can always go to the main menu and choose to play online with other users of Parchis HD 2.

Parchis HD 2 is definitely a great option for lovers of parchis and ludo, but it is up to you to decide if it's the best you have ever played or not so go ahead and try it out right now.