Murder in the Alps

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Live a completely immersive story and help a friendly mountain town to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of one of the locals
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Anna Myers has to be the most interesting journalist of Zurich, since she writes about politics, but her real passion is criminalistics. She wants to become a great detective and solve the most puzzling crimes and her chance is finally here, since she is asked to help the locals to discover the enigmatic case of a missing person.

Murder in the Alps is definitely a magnificent game, as it shows us a beautiful story imagined in the 1930’s with a complicated plot, unexpected twists and many interesting characters. This game uses many ways to show us the main story of a crime committed in a town in the alps, but you can’t even start to imagine how well made this game is.

If you like graphic novels this is a title that you have you play, since there are many elements that attract the player, although the story is really good, it’s not the only appeal, since the game shows you many screens where you can interact with basically anything. If you want to solve the crime, you’ll have to use the hidden object mechanic.

There are many items everywhere that you can touch and inspect, in order to help the hotel manager Otto Reger and all the other characters to solve this mystery. We hope you enjoy the story, the voices, the graphics, the animations and the comics, since our team really had a good time finding the killer in town.

We basically have no complaints about this title, since it is one of the best hidden objects games that we had played in a while, but don’t just take our word, go and try it for you.