Mirrors of Albion

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Jump in the rabbit hole or cross the mirror, since this new magical and mysterious adventure is waiting for you.
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Maybe it’s the fact that we know these lovely characters, maybe is the Victorian-style of the background or maybe is the immersive plot, but we have to say that absolutely everybody will enjoy this hidden objects game, since it’s full of magical adventures that you just can’t stop playing

From the moment you start the game you’ll recognize the name of our guider, since it’s the beloved and mad Cheshire cat in a little and adorable version. “Mirrors of Albion” takes place in Victorian-London, in which many mysterious events are taking place and only you can solve all the puzzles to unravel the evil doings of the wicked Queen of hearts.

The mechanics of the game combine a very well-crafted hidden objects game with different minigames to make the adventure more interesting, but this is just one of many cool features, since the animation is remarkable and the plots are just fantastic. Although this is not the original Lewis-Carroll story, it’s based on its characters and the whole experience is refreshing and intriguing.

You can play Mirrors of Albion everywhere you like, since the game doesn’t require an internet connection, but you can invite friends to play and test yourself against them. While the experience points earned with every mission lets you enter new levels, you could also buy these stages within game purchases using real money whenever you want to.

After playing different hidden objects games in our lives, we can tell when one game is going to be good or not in the first minutes of playing, since there are many details on plain sight that indicate this. Mirrors of Albion conquered our hearts from the first minute, because it is just a feat to the eyes with many wonderful features.