Metal Force: PvP Car Shooting Game

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Drive like a maniac and take down your rivals in this scintillating action-shooter game that’s a cut above the rest.
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Offering action-packed gameplay to keep you on the edge of your seats at all times, Metal Force: PvP Car Shooting Game is a tremendous and highly engaging action-shooter game in which you’ll be given the task of defending your country’s honor by taking down enemy cars during heated battles. The gameplay is super-exciting and the game doesn’t leave a thing to be desired on any front so if you’re on the hunt for a spectacular shooter game, you’d love to give this one a try. There’s a tutorial at the start to help you learn the fundamentals so if you’re a newcomer, do go through it once.

When it comes to gameplay, the game offers fast-paced, action-packed gameplay with easy-to-use controls and mechanics. Regardless of the gameplay, your goal remains the same and that is to take down all enemy vehicles before the round ends. There’s a battle mode where you go head-to-head against enemy troops in multiple rounds. The free mode lets you cause nothing but mayhem where you’ll be revived after dying and the person with the most takedowns at the end wins the game. In PvP mode, you can go head-to-head against skilled players from all over the world.

The variety of combat vehicles in the game is truly massive as you’ll have tons of deadly trucks to choose from and, as you keep progressing, you can upgrade them with so many different items. The combat fields are also designed spectacularly and you’ll have tons of different maps to choose from. The visuals of the game are truly breathtaking thanks to the detailed environments in maps along with fluid animations that make the gameplay so much more fun.

All in all, Metal Force: PvP Car Shooting Game is a stellar shooter game with top-notch gameplay along with a plethora of other amazing in-game features that make this game worthy of trying.