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Build the best village that you can imagine using mahjong as your primary tool and defeat all your Facebook friends in Mahjong Village
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The game mahjong has been around the international audience for a long time now and even more for the Asian audience, but there has never been a game like Mahjong Village before. This is a title in which the player has to solve different puzzles playing mahjong on the solitaire way, which means matching 2 identical pieces and taking them out of the screen until there is none left, but Mahjong Village adds the option to clear different worlds while you also build your own town.

If you like the classic solitaire mahjong, in which you have to pair 2 identical tokens of the classic Chinese game, well you are definitely going to enjoy Mahjong Village, since here you have dozens of levels, different power ups and the feeling of progress is amazing. Solve all the mahjong puzzles that you can and do it fast to win the 3 stars for each level.

The rules of the game are simple and the main goal too, but sometimes it gets really hard to find those 2 matching tiles; luckily Mahjong Village shadows all the tiles that you can’t play making it easier for you. If you don’t have any idea of which is the next combination to do, you can use some of the power ups that Mahjong Village has for you.

These power ups include the lamp that gives you a hint, the magnet that eliminates 4 identical tiles at once, the fireworks that randomly takes out some tiles for you and many more. You can use these power ups whenever you want to, but remember that they are limited and if you want to have them or create more, you’ll have to use the stars and diamonds that you won solving the puzzles to improve your village.

Create a great village, upgrade your buildings, get more power ups and enjoy more than 1000 levels with Mahjong Village.