Mahjong Taipei

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Combine the matching tiles and become the ultimate mahjong king in this exciting board game that never ceases to amaze. Play Now Mahjong Taipei large

Developed by CODNES, Mahjong Taipei is a spectacular board game and a wonderful digital version of the real-life board game in which you’ll be given the task of forming pairs of the matching tiles and eliminating them within the given time limit to score maximum points so get ready and raise your observation skills to become the true mahjong champion. As the game begins, you’ll go through a thorough tutorial level that’ll help you understand the rules and basic mechanics of the game so even if you’re not a mahjong fan, these tutorials will prove to be pretty helpful for you as they’ll help you get a grip on the basic things.

The levels take place on mesmerizing sceneries where you’ll see a wide variety of tiles placed on the screen with different drawings on them. You’ll also see a set of tiles at the bottom of the screen that are chosen on every turn to make the match. The main objective of the game is to form a combination of matching tiles and eliminating them from the field so when a player successfully removes all the tiles from the field by making the matches, the level ends and they progress on to the next level but this won’t be as easy as it sounds because the game includes dozens of challenging levels that’ll test your abilities to the fullest. The visuals of the game are nothing short of breathtaking thanks to its stunning and appealing level designs and brilliant animations which make the gameplay a lot better for the players.

All in all, Mahjong Taipei is a marvelous board game with tons of competitive levels and several other features so if you’re a mahjong fan, check this game out.