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Immerse yourself in this amazing computer-version of one of the most famous board games in the world that has been around for decades.
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Developed by CODNES, Mahjong Box is a fascinating board game and a tremendous digital version of the renowned board game in which you’ll be taking on the role of a mahjong master to make tile-matches across dozens of challenging levels so get read to have you skills tested and become the mahjong king in this exciting board game. The game begins with a brief but informative tutorial to help you get a grip on the basics of the game so if you’re new to the mahjong genre, the tutorial can help you big time. The core gameplay mechanism is pretty identical to the real-life board game where you’ll be given the task of making matches to finish all the tiles.

Each level begins with a set of tiles at the center of your screen along with a row of tiles at the bottom of your screen and the main objective of the game is to pick a tile from the bottom and look for its identical twin in the upper set to make match till all the tiles are eliminated from the board. The game also offers creative customizations where you can choose music, backgrounds, and tiles of your choice to keep things fresh for you. The game also features a hint button that can be utilized to gain a little assistance from the computer so if you’re stuck at a certain point or aren’t sure about your next move, the hint button can help you decide.

All said and done, Mahjong Box is a tremendous board game with intriguing gameplay along with stunning visuals so if you’re a mahjong fan, check this game out.