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Show all your followers that you’re ready to conquer the throne by recruiting great armies to protect your lands and raid other realms.
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You’re now the mighty ruler of a growing nation, but things are more than luxuries and riches, since you have to take the right decisions to keep your kingdom protected from all harm. Remember that a flowing economy is the fundamental pillar for a great empire, so make sure to keep those resources coming with your Lords & Knights.

Brace yourselves and prepare your people, since now you’re the ruler of a big realm and it’s your job to keep your followers happy and create the biggest kingdom that the middle ages have ever witnessed. If you have played city building games before, you’ll know the drill, but this time you’ll have to take some strategy factors in mind.

Since this game is a strategy MMO, it’s important that you focus on creating powerful armies. You’ll start the game with a little castle, but if you work hard enough and attack the nearby enemies, you’ll be able to collect all the resources you’ll need to expand your kingdom.

Remember that there are different kinds of soldiers, so you’ll need a balanced army made to attack and defend at the same time. Of course, there’s more in life than raiding enemy castles and building huge fortresses, since you can also enjoy different events in your kingdoms like celebrating festivals, fighting in jousts and driving off a few robbers.

If you want to create a beautiful and peaceful realm, make sure to establish good relationships with powerful allies. Help yourself with other kings inside the game to make each crown support each other, but of course there’s always the other way around, since you can become a warlord and dominate the lands by force.