Jewels of the Wild West

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Rebuild a struggling frontier town in this high-end match-3 game, Jewels of the Wild West!
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Jewels of the Wild West is a game that we highly recommend checking out if you’re a match-3 fan. The game combines the exceptional match-3 gameplay that we’ve all come to love so much over the years with a creative city building element to make for an experience that’ll have you engrossed for hours on end.

The core gameplay of Jewels of the Wild West is built around the same exceptional gameplay formula that’s led to so many addicting match-3 games before. The game features a seemingly endless amount of creatively designed levels for you to play through and each of these levels will have an objective that you’ll have to complete by matching together objects within the limited number of moves. The levels definitely get more challenging as the game goes on but, thankfully, you’ll have access to various kinds of boosters and power-ups as that you’ll be able to fall back on to get some assistance during the tougher stages of the game.

The defining aspect of Jewels of the Wild West is, of course, the exciting city building element that it brings to the table. As you play through the game’s levels, you’ll earn currency which you’ll be able to use to rebuild the abandoned and ruined frontier town to its former glory. This is a delightful feature that not only brings a significant amount of depth to the overall gameplay experience but also helps keep the gameplay fresh and interesting in the long run.

All said and done, if you’re looking for a match-3 game that aims to innovative, Jewels of the Wild West is an absolute must-play.