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Discover the mystery behind ancient ruins by matching 3 identical gems, but you have to act fast because the clock is ticking.
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If you like adventure and puzzles, we have the perfect game for you and it’s called Jewel Quest. This game is a match 3 puzzle game, in which you’re an adventurer and you have to complete different quests to make it out alive of the dangerous temples. It’s a dangerous adventure because there are many different shapes that you have to turn golden entirely, but remember to keep an eye on the time.

If you have played other match 3 games such as Candy Crush and Treasures of Montezuma, you might already be familiarized with this style of gameplay. But don’t misunderstand us because Jewel Quest can be really challenging, since this title holds a little difference from plenty of other games from this genre.

Even though points are important in Jewel Quest, they’re not your pass to win, since you have to make use of all the puzzle to win. Let us explain this better, if you want to clear the stage, you’ll have to make a combination in each square available in this level. Since every square that you use turns golden when you use it, it’s easy to keep track of the missing spaces when time is running out.

Jewel Quest is such a great title to have played and clear, since it’s not actually endless like other titles, yes we’re looking at you Candy Crush. Jewel Quest offers more than 70 levels of different puzzles, for the entertainment of its player. Since each level is harder than the previous one, it is easy to deduce that this game takes some time.

Jewel Quest is a great opportunity to enter the world of match 3 games, since it’s light, easy to enjoy and pretty cute, so we invite our readers to take a look at Jewel Quest right now.