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Conquer the valley of darkness, become the ultimate hero, and save all the magi world from an evil spell.
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The magical world is now filled with demons, but heroes are rising and it is your job to create and train the best team to fight evil and save these lands. You must summon all kinds of heroes to help you in your journey like a minotaur and mighty sorceress that will fight the evil incarnations of magic. Collect all the cards you can, but remember to upgrade them to fight the wicked hordes.

Idle GOG is an RPG full of combat and adventure, as you can fight hordes of evil demons and beat them to the ground. Pick up the loot and make your army bigger, since you’ll need more power to face the larger groups of enemies that come into your way. Even though some elite heroes are tough to get, you can make a good team with some regular cards.

If you’re a good strategist, test it with Idle GOG, since you’ll need a solid plan to face all the enemies inside the different regions and head to the ancient temple. Since some abilities match better with others and some fighters require the support of others to win, the one with the best plan of attack pre-war is the one that wins.

If you have to go AFK for a while, you can always select the auto-mode. There would be no problem for short periods, but remember that there isn’t a flawless strategy, so you’ll need to take a look at your warriors every once in a while. If you want great rewards, remember to play at least for 5 minutes a day.

Magic idle games, such as Idle GOG, are a great way to kill time, since you can play this for months and create one powerful army of heroes and with this new different gameplays, you’ll never get bored.