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Help out Austin as he tries to return his family’s mansion to its once brilliant state in this fun match-3/sim game, Homescapes!
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Homescapes is a delightful match-3 game that we absolutely recommend fans of match-3 games to try out. This is mainly because it takes the addicting gameplay that this franchise has always been renowned for and implements a variety of creative new elements into the mix in order to give players an immersive and engaging experience that prior match-3 games simply haven’t offered.

The gameplay of Homescapes can be divided into two core components; match-3 gameplay and house renovation. The match-3 gameplay is fairly standard and and there are stars that you can earn for every level you clear. The stars you acquire from these levels can then be used to buy items to renovate the house with this is the core purpose of the game.

In short, Homescapes is a highly innovative match-3 game that we absolutely recommend trying out if you're into casual games and perhaps even interior decorating.