Hidden Objects: Mystery Society 2

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Become the most valuable investigator of your crew by testing your abilities against the clock in this fun adventure.
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Some people believe that sequels just ruin the first title, but Mystery Society 2: Hidden Objects might be the exception to that rule, since this title is like the upgraded version of the first game of the franchise with many of the amazing features of the first title. If you love the franchise, we promise that you would not be disappointed.

You have a new chance to become the best P.I. since your new crew is recruiting you to solve the most exciting cases in Europe. If you want to be the best, you’ll have to go through the entire continent to help your team find the leads to solve the case. This might sound easy, but every time you play a level it changes.

If you fuse this with the animations that just look too full and bright, you’ll obtain a real challenge for all the lovers of this genre all the way. This game is meant to be played offline, but if you log in and link your game to other games you can acquire some extra points.

There are literally dozens of relics, artifacts and prizes hidden in every level, even though they are not necessary to clear the stage, they can be used to trade them for big rewards or if you wish, you can just keep them as collectibles. While this game is fun and immersive, it also offers the gamer an addictive experience.

Even though this game contains many things from the first game, it’s actually really different after you play for a while, but don’t worry, because you don’t have to necessarily play the first game to enjoy this sequel so go ahead and download it right now.