Hidden Objects City

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Steal the most rare artifacts and antiques like a professional thief with this puzzling game of hidden objects. Play Now Hidden Objects City large

We're sorry to say that this game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse our other hidden object games: https://www.mobile4win.com/meta/genres/hidden_object_games_list

If you ever wonder how the life of a professional thief really is, well now you can become one, as you’ll impersonate the infamous Mrs. Smith. Start your criminal career in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of the city and start collecting the items that your employers request, if you want to become the best thief, you’ll need good eyesight and fast fingers.

Once Mrs. Smith has something in mind you can’t stop her, since she has decided to become the greatest thief that had ever existed. Improve your reputation as a professional burglar performing many tasks, in which you’ll have to spot different items in very messy rooms, while some are pretty visible, others are very well hidden.

Hidden Objects City is just one of many titles of this genre, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have his own appeal. Every stage of this game is designed to challenge the gamers, as the objects can really camouflage with their surroundings making the mission to become the greatest thief a little bit more difficult than we thought.

As the game advances, you’ll know many characters that will help you achieve your goal, but be careful because in the business of robbery you can’t trust anybody. If you fulfill your missions rapidly enough, you’ll earn more reputation points and this would get you more jobs so be sure to be fast and don’t miss any of these hidden objects.

We have to admit that Hidden Objects City is a great example of what this genre represents, since it’s a simple game but a very catching one too. If you’re not careful, you could spend hours playing without realizing it, that’s why we recommend this game to everyone.