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Conquer this new and exciting adventure, as you help our hero in his dangerous quests to find all the treasures you can and save the princess.
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While many adventure games rely on brute force, violence and hours of exploring, Hero Rescue uses different puzzles to test how good an adventure you are. In this epic quest you have to use your brains, since you have to predict everything and make sure that your hero makes it to his goal without getting hurt.

Hero Rescue is a puzzler, in which you actually have to rescue the hero or at least help him find what he is looking for. If you want to clear each level, you’ll have to secure a safe path for your hero. The only way to do that is pulling out bars, since these bars divide the scenario separating the hero from the treasure chests and the damsels in distress.

You have to think it through before pulling each bar because gravity is going to make his job and things will fall. If there’s something dangerous above or beneath your hero, like an evil goblin or hot lava, make sure to take it off his way. In case that you don’t get it on the first try, don’t worry because you can always restart the level as many times as you need.

Pulling out bars will cause many different repercussions, but it’s your job to plan ahead and make sure that everything goes according to your plan. Timing is important too, since some bars need to be pulled off in the right moment or your whole strategy will fall apart.

Hero Rescue is one of those games that you can always count on when you want to kill time, since you can spend long periods of time rubbing your chin and trying to figure out how to save the princess, if you think you’re smart enough, you should go and try it.