Happy Chef 2

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Put your cooking skills to the test and become a master chef in this engaging time management game that’ll have you coming back for more and more. Play Now Happy Chef 2 large

Developed by Nordcurrent, Happy Chef 2 is a fascinating second instalment of the renowned time management franchise in which you’ll be making delightful dishes from around the world to serve customers from all over the world in order to become everyone’s favorite chef so put your apron on and start preparing delicious meals in this amazing game. The gameplay mechanics are pretty similar to other time management games where you have to prepare your customers’ order within a given time limit in order to earn rewards and a positive review from the customer so the main objective of the game is to complete your task within the prescribed time limited.

Starting off your journey at a small Italian restaurant, you’ll be serving traditional Italian dishes to a limited number of customers from your town but as you begin to increase your number of customers, you’ll also get the chance to grow as a cook which can only be done by utilizing your bonuses. With the help of bonuses and rewards, you can decorate your restaurant and buy equipment to increase efficiency so if you’re planning on expanding, you should utilize your rewards in the right way as they can help you become one of the best in the business. Along with a variety of challenging levels, the game also includes several mini-games for players to enjoy and to keep things fresh for them at all times. When it comes to the visuals, the game is nothing short of breathtaking thanks to its marvelous character designs and stunning animations.

All in all, Happy Chef 2 is a spectacular time management game with dozens of amazing levels along with a variety of other enjoyable features so if you’re into time management games, check this one out.