Hangman King

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Pick the right letters, complete the word, and become the king of hangman. Play Now Hangman King large

Take your guess on the words and survive the rounds before you get hanged in Hangman King. Have fun on the puzzles that will keep you on your toes. Play it on different modes and enjoy it alongside friends and battle it out on who can guess first.

You can easily learn the rules and controls of Hangman King. It follows the same regulation of the classic game for all the modes available. You need to correctly guess the letters to complete the puzzle on the board with limited tries and will be a failed run if you run out. The chances you get are shown in the heart symbol at the center of the screen and the incomplete word is below it. The letters are placed at the bottom with the grayed-out ones as already used or wrong guesses. You just need to tap on your choice and it then appears on the board if correct or will decrease the number of tries up top.

There are three modes you can select before you play. The classic, survival, and two-player games. You can pick one of the seven categories in classic: food, animal, country & city, job, sport & game, fashion, and random. When you pick survival, you get to go through the stages of random categories until you fail to guess the word. The number of tries per stage refreshes with every clear so you always get the same amount of guesses. Choosing a two-player mode lets you share the game with someone alongside you as pass it along to whoever turn it is and the one to get the correct word wins.

To sum it all up, Hangman King is a great pastime for all those who love the classic game. There is a wide selection of words you get to guess alone or against somebody else. So try it out now and see if you can get it before you get the noose.