Goalkeeper Challenge

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Have you ever wondered how it is to be the last line of defense of a famous soccer team? Well now you can experience it with this awesome title. Play Now Goalkeeper Challenge large

If you’re a true fan of soccer, you’ll know that the goalkeeper is the ultimate hero of a team and Goalkeeper Challenge is here to let you live that exciting role for your own. Goalkeeper Challenge is a sport simulator, in which your only job is to stop all the shoots that come to you. Save your team by being the best goalkeeper that has ever existed.

Goalkeeper Challenge is a great way to feel real fear and motivation, since now it is your job to prevent the other team from scoring a goal, but this means that you have to step in the way of high speed balls. It takes guts, we’re not going to lie, but once you get used to it, the only thing that you need to do is work on your timing.

The playability is really simple, since you’re only a pair of gloves that you can move with the mouse in any direction. This is great because it gives you all the freedom to move in any way you need. But even though it is fun, it takes a lot of effort to actually place yourself in the right place, since the balls are super-fast and your zone to stop them is really tiny.

Goalkeeper Challenge lives up to its name, as it is a real challenge to clear most of the levels, but if you dedicate time and practice to this game, your reflexes will improve in a significant way. The animation and the graphics are great, but it would be more appealing to the gamer’s sight with different stadiums, weather conditions, gloves and balls, since they’re always the same.

If you want a game that lets you prove your goalkeeper reflexes, Goalkeeper Challenge is the best option that you could find in your app store so go ahead and download it now.