Global City

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Take charge of constructing and managing your very own city in this engaging city-building game that’ll keep you glued to the screen for hours. Play Now Global City large

Developed by Red Brix Wall Limited, Global City is a truly exceptional city-building simulator in which you’ll be given the responsibility of planning, building, and managing a whole city while keeping your citizens happy by providing them everything that a big city should have in terms of business and entertainment and to do so, you’ll be taking matters into your capable hands so make sure you’re construction skills are up to the point when you’re playing this game. From houses, buildings, and shopping malls, to factories, airports, and schools, the game assigns you the task of building the ultimate city while also providing you with complete creative freedom so if you’re into city-building games, you’d absolutely love this game as it consists of hi-tech designs and creativity for the players to enjoy.

The game also features a wide variety of quests for the players to relish where you can hear out the business propositions of your residents and if you complete these quests, you can earn money that can be utilized to gain more material and resources to expand your construction plans. You can also trade resources with your online friends so if you’re in need of a resource that you lack in your inventory, you can trade one of your useful resource with your friends. In terms of visuals, the game is certainly a masterpiece thanks to its authentic and breathtaking level designs along with detailed environments to give you a pleasant visuals experience.

All said and done, Global City is a spectacular city-building game with tons of amazing features and creative designs so if you’re a fan of the genre, you should definitely try this game.