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Work your way up in the world of crime in Gangstar New Orleans and explore the open streets of the Big Easy.
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Gameloft creates games with lofty standards, and Gangstar New Orleans is arguably one of its crown jewels. As the newest entry of the Gangstar franchise, it boasts fast-paced and violent gameplay, and decent open world elements. Set in the city of New Orleans, the game perfectly captures the culture and the atmosphere of the Big Easy. You get to deal with an outrageous cast of characters, from biker gangs to voodoo priests and equip an arsenal of deadly weapons.

Although Gangstar New Orleans is not what you would exactly call a pure open world game, unlike GTA or Mafia, but since it is made for mobile, it's completely understandable. Despite having restricted movements, story missions and quests do let you explore and experience the game world and you can definitely explore the streets in a stolen car.

Compared to old Gangstar titles, Gangstar New Orleans driving and shooting elements are pretty slick and smooth. You can hide behind cover while enemies are unleashing a hail of lead, and get up from your hiding spot to counterattack. There’s an automatic targeting system which lets you easily shoot off enemy grunts with little difficulty. This is godsend, considering how difficult it would be to manually aim on a touch screen.

One of the best parts of Gangstar New Orleans is its weapons system wherein you can fuse and evolve your vast array of guns. There’s also a turf system wherein you conquer territories and place thugs to guard them and at the same time, complete missions.

Overall, with outstanding shooting and driving mechanics, you’ll have a lot of fun walking around and rampaging on the streets of the Big Easy in Gangstar New Orleans!