Food Truck Chef

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Take your food truck across the country, serve your customers, and earn some money in Food Truck Chef! Play Now Food Truck Chef large

Food Truck Chef is a time management game in which you get to run your own kitchen and serve as many customers as possible in order to complete the challenge. The game features a really brilliant game play with a huge variety of delicious meals to cook and wide customization options.

The game mechanics are pretty straight forward. You have to serve the customers before the time runs out. Using simple tap and drag controls cook the dishes by using the ingredients in the correct order and serve the customers to earn coins.

You get to play a huge variety of amazing challenges and unlock exciting dishes and ingredients along the way. The game includes different chapters in various cities, each having a variety of levels that you will have to complete. Each level has a certain target score that you have to score in a limited amount of time in order to proceed to the next more challenging one.

These levels feature a perfect three stars rating that you can score by being as fast as you can. Each customer has a patience level meter that drops with time. Serve the customers as fast as you can to maintain in order to get a heavy tip from them which will help you get a better score and acquire the three stars in each level of the game.

You can also install cool upgrades for your kitchens like new pans, plates, bread ovens, espresso machines and more. All these upgrades can save you a lot of cooking time in the game, allowing you to serve more customers and hence, make more money. Moreover, you can also upgrade the ingredients that you are serving in your food truck which can increase the cost earned for each dish you use them in. All these upgrades can be purchased with coins that you will score in the game.

As you complete different tasks and missions, you get to unlock cool achievements and score medals that can win you free coins and gems. You can also buy more resources with real money from the game store. Get all the coins and gems you need at amazing discounted rates to get your food truck rolling.

Cook the most delicious meals and serve your customers before the time runs out. Travel across the country and upgrade your kitchen with the coolest upgrades and yummy ingredients. Score the perfect three stars rating in each level of the game. Try out Food Truck Chef today.