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Put your flying skills to the test by completing tasks in this one-of-a-kind flight simulator that’ll keep you hooked for hours.
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Developed by VAPP back in 2015, Flight Simulation: Plane Pilot is a highly engaging flight simulation game in which you’ll be the pilot who has to fly from one destination to another in order to complete missions and tasks to earn points and money.

Offering a truly genuine gameplay experience, the game is set on a gigantic ocean that consists of numerous islands and airports and as a plane pilot, your job would be to earn contracts in which you’ll have to transport passengers and goods from one airport to another in order to progress through the game and earn money. As you progress through the game and complete your missions, you’ll be stacking up on money that can be utilized to buy new planes and lavish homes on beautiful islands where you can park your plane and save the game after a certain progression period.

The game also brings several outstanding in-game features to the table such as variety of planes, authentic flying mechanics, genuine cabin view, plenty of camera angles to help you monitor the plane from all sides, and several other fantastic features that were highly applauded by simulator fans. In terms of visuals, the game features some truly delightful environments and accurate plane designs along with an easy-to-use interface between your flights that can be functioned by pilots of all skill levels so even if you’re not familiar with how flight simulators work, the game will help you get a grip on it within few sessions.

All in all, Flight Simulation: Plane Pilot is an amazing flight simulator that offers a captivating flying experience and gives you the feel of being a real pilot with its realistic visuals and gameplay which makes this game worthy of trying.