Flick Soccer 3D

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Work on your shooting accuracy to put the ball in the top corner of the goal in this exciting game that’ll keep you entertained for hours.
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Developed by Dumadu Games, Flick Soccer 3D is a tremendous sports game in which you’ll be told to put on your shooting boots in order to score jaw-dropping goals against a highly skilled goalkeeper so put the ball in your desired position, keep your cool, and put them all into the top-bins in this enticing game that never ceases to amaze. You’ll be taken through an informative tutorial at the start to help you learn the basics so if you’re playing the game for the first time, make sure you go through the tutorial.

When it comes to gameplay, the game offers intuitive gameplay where you’ll have to swipe your finger on the screen in order to shoot the ball. When the level begins, you’ll be asked to place the ball on your desired position out of a few given places. The keeper will be standing in the goal to save your shots so you better hit them in the corner. To shoot the ball, you’ll have to put your finger on the ball and swipe it all the way towards the place where you want it to end up. If the keeper makes a save, you’ll have a few tries remaining but make sure you score the majority of your kicks in order to score points.

The game features different types of game modes such as career mode, practice mode, arcade mode, and a few others. The difficulty level keeps on increasing as you go along and, you’ll also have the option to set a difficulty level for yourself. The visuals of the game are truly remarkable thanks to the detailed environment in levels, smooth frame rates, and create animations that make the gameplay a lot more pleasing.

Overall, Flick Soccer 3D is a fascinating soccer game with absorbing gameplay mechanics and tons of other amusing in-game features that make this game worthy of trying.