Fire Engine Simulator

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Jump in on the action and put the fire out before something destructive happens in this stellar fire-fighting simulation game. Play Now Fire Engine Simulator large

Fire Engine Simulator is a game in which you’ll become an actual fire fighter and must embark on dangerous missions to douse fires that are wreaking havoc on buildings and several other locations across your city. The game does an excellent job of providing a realistic firefighting experience and, other than being fun to play, it’s a treat to look at as well so, overall, Fire Engine Simulator is definitely a game that you can’t go wrong with if you choose to give it a shot. The game also has a beginners’ tutorial at the start for the new player so do go through it if you need help with the basics.

The gameplay of Fire Engine Simulator has quite a lot to offer. First and foremost, is the fact that you’ll actually get to drive the actual fire truck and the driving mechanics are fairly realistic which is why driving the truck will put your skills to the test but, at the same time, it’ll be highly satisfying as well. Other than this, there’s also the actual firefighting gameplay in which you’ll head out on foot with the fire hose in your hand as you attempt to combat fires and this is a truly intense experience that makes this game absolutely worthwhile. The game features tons of different levels and every level brings new challenge to the table.

You can also acquire tons of different upgrades as you can unlock new equipment for putting out the fire, new trucks to drive, new safety gear, and so much more. The graphics of Fire Engine Simulator are truly remarkable as well. The fire trucks are realistic, the environments are detailed and the fires truly do look devastating in this game so, overall, Fire Engine Simulator is a game that you should not be passing up on.

All in all, Fire Engine Simulator is a fantastic simulation game that offers a well-rounded experience that should be tried by everyone.