Fill-In Crosswords

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Have some fun using wit and logic to solve the fill-in crosswords. Play Now Fill-In Crosswords large

Relax and unwind with Fill-In Crosswords as you test your skills on different levels as you try and solve puzzles of missing interconnected words. It's a game of logic as you fill in the spaces with nothing to go on but just using the ones on the list. Share it with family and friends and enjoy them together.

When you start a game in Fill-In Crosswords, you get to choose the level you want to solve. You can take your pick from Easy, Intermediate, Hard, and Expert puzzles, and within those categories are two volumes to play. There are 200 levels each volume and you can only unlock the second one if you manage to completely solve the first one. You can jump straight to the Hard or Expert mode if you find the others not challenging enough for you. The outline of the puzzle is also shown during selection to give you a sense of what you will be taking on.

You can easily play Fill-In Crosswords since its mechanics are quite simple. When you pick a level, you will then see the puzzle that fills up most of the screen, and the list of words is at the bottom part and they are divided into groups by the number of letters they have. You can tap on the word that you want to play and then drag it vertically or horizontally to fill the blanks. If it is over or under the number of letters required then it won’t accept it. You need to take note of the intersection and what words you can play which have the same letter that connects both of them.

To sum it all up, if you are looking for a great way to test your logic at the same time broaden your vocabulary then you should check out Fill-In Crosswords. Try it out now and see if you can finish all the puzzles.